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The Ottawa Return to Play Roadmap is an initiative of the Ottawa Sport Council in collaboration with 70 Ottawa Community sport organizations.

  • Important messages to be communicating to your members, their families and your staff/volunteers

    • The importance of physical activity for all!

    • Safety measures/precautions each individual must take

    • Safety measure/precautions organizations much take

    • Sport in Ottawa is prepared for a safe return to play!

  • Contact for Sign Making


Mitch Ghosn from Agent Signs


Agent Signs & Designs

68 Harmer Ave N. 

Ottawa, ON  K1Y 0T8

Phone: (613) 728-9964    

Fax: (613) 728-7210


Poster regarding mandatory masks produced by Ottawa Public Health 

The True Sport Safe to Return to Community Sport reviews how to return to sport and ensure the True Sport Principles are at the forefront of the sporting experience.    


This is a video produced by the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC). This video, produced by Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) shows the return to training protocol being implemented for one of Canada’s high performance national swimming centres. The video provides terrific insight into the extensive planning and preparation being done in order to ensure that “return to training’ is implemented in a safe manner. It is a great tool for preparing athletes, families, and the community for what to expect when they return to their sports/facilities.

Ottawa Return to Play Success Stories

I&A - Communications

Communications/Virtual Based Program Alternatives for Athletes with Disabilities

Under " Communications", you will find various communication products and templates that can be used by your sport organization to communicate key messages and updates to your members, such as Return to Play protocols, guidelines, and safety measures. It also includes tips for engaging athletes and members during periods of virtual-based programs and tips for accessible and inclusive virtual based communication.

Resources for Creating Inclusive and Accessible Communications

Things to Share

Useful Articles

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