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The Ottawa Return to Play Roadmap is an initiative of the Ottawa Sport Council in collaboration with 70 Ottawa Community sport organizations.

  • You have made it to the end of the roadmap and hopefully you have found some useful resources!


  • BUT, are there any other things you/your organization need to consider?


  • See below for just a few other resources that could help and/or factors you/your organization may need to be aware of.

  • Note: All responsible coaching standards still apply for virtual training sessions (i.e. never alone with an athlete)


  • Does your organization require a COVID Safety Officer?


  • Does your organization/facility have immediate access to isolation measures for anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19?


This presentation was produced by CHEO following the implementation of an Emergency Respite Program for the National Capital Region.  This resource was developed to help organizations quickly mobilize an emergency on-site respite program. It covers: sourcing and preparing the physical space, sourcing and preparing staff, setting up schedule and activities, intake and booking.

This Operational Guide was produced by the City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.  This planning guideline identifies critical health, administrative, engineering and safety controls required for reopening the CampTO program. It includes: Health Controls, Administrative Controls, Health and Safety Controls, Engineering Controls, Procedures, Forms and Posters & Signs.

Document created by the Ontario Ministry of Health which outlines requirements for health and safety, screening, ,management of suspected participants with Covid-19, Testing for Covid-19, Occupational Health and Safety.

Through the Rebound program, Ottawa Sport Council, hosted a workshop which focused on Volunteer Recruitment and Retention in light of the pandemic and Return to Play efforts. This workshop highlighted existing challenges of recruiting volunteers in sport and gave participants an opportunity to identify the skills required to serve as Directors, Coaches, Committee members, Team Managers, and Safety Officers. The following brief provides a highlight of the workshop and the contributions from the participants.

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