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The Ottawa Return to Play Roadmap is an initiative of the Ottawa Sport Council in collaboration with 70 Ottawa Community sport organizations.

The Ottawa Sport Council’s Return to Play - Sports for Athletes with a Disability Subcommittee does not claim resources found here to be our own. 


Return to Play - Sports for Athletes with a Disability Subcommittee (led by the Abilities Centre Ottawa) has compiled resources, documents and links to help create awareness and inform the sport community on the importance of inclusion and accessibility, to support quality participation and physical activity for all, and to support the safe return to play for athletes with a disability. The resources found on this page (and embedded within the roadmap) will benefit organizations, parents and participants when it comes to inclusive, accessible and safe sporting environments and programs for athletes with a disability.  


Children, youth and adults with disabilities continue to face barriers to accessing sport and physical activity. The pandemic has exasperated this due to the closure of facilities and additional health considerations.

Based on the results of the COVID-19 Disability Survey, the majority of respondents indicated their habits related to exercise and physical activity have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and “the sudden time out” caused by related shut downs. 76% of respondents indicated that their recreation and leisure needs are not being met during the pandemic.1 Additionally, the majority of respondents also identified that the pandemic has significantly impacted their mental health.1  Studies generally show that physical activity is linked to better mental health outcomes.2


1. Abilities Centre and Canadian Disability Participation Project (2020). COVID-19 Disability Survey.

2. Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Sarah Moore, Ritu Sharma, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis. (2021). Movement behaviours and parent support during the COVID-19 pandemic for Canadian children and youth with disabilities. 

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Get Informed

Get Informed - Inclusion/Accessibility Resources

Under ‘Get Informed’, you will find documents and materials that will help guide your organizations’ adoption of inclusive and accessible programs with a focus on, breaking down barriers, communication and informative program tips. 

Tips for promoting inclusion and accessibility in sport

Quality Participation for people with disabilities

Resources for Health Care Practitioners, Coaches and/or Program Developers

Research related to the impacts of COVID-19 and people with disabilities

Research related to the importance of physical activity for all

Get Active

Get Active - Physical Activity/Virtual Fitness Resources

Under ‘Get Active’, you will find a list of various physical activity and recreation YouTube videos, links to physical activity programs, and resource hubs. They are all designed and created to be inclusive of people and athletes with disabilities, but will be great for anyone looking to get their heart rate up and get moving!

Program for Kids/Youth

Programs for all ages/all abilities

Tips to promote inclusion and integration

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