Physical Environmental

Set Up


The Ottawa Return to Play Roadmap is an initiative of the Ottawa Sport Council in collaboration with 70 Ottawa Community sport organizations.

  • Implement measures to ensure physical distance and separation between participants, coaches and parents (minimum of 2 metres)

    • Include physical distancing signage in key areas 

    • Reconfigure your space as needed to ensure traffic flow is smooth and organized

  • Use wayfinding markers or arrows to help direct traffic flow

    • A one-way traffic system can be created to ensure that individuals do not cross paths

    • Direct traffic in congested areas such as entrances and exits

  • Provide instructional arrival procedures and signage to clearly identify how participants must enter and exit the space 

  • Pre-arrange equipment spacing and setup in all areas

    • Use cones and other equipment to ensure appropriate spacing is in place to support distancing

  • Aim to keep participants in small groups respecting physical distancing measures so that they work with similar players

  • Stagger activity times between different groups to create a buffer between sessions and avoid an overlap of participants

  • Do not use any locker/change rooms and request all participants to change at home prior to and after sessions

  • Where physical distance cannot be observed it is strongly recommended that face coverings are worn

  • Provide details on social gathering restrictions and monitor by staff

Resource Links


This document provides information about reducing transmission, establishing controls for all spaces, examples of a field map and cleaning recommendations