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The Ottawa Return to Play Roadmap is an initiative of the Ottawa Sport Council in collaboration with 70 Ottawa Community sport organizations.

Assessing your organization’s risk to re-open is the first step! Determining if/when your organization can re-open must be the first question the organization answers.

Below you will find the COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist for Sport produced by Own the Podium


In order to accurately answer the questions in the risk assessment and mitigation checklist, those responsible must be knowledgeable on the current COVID-19 outbreak. They should reference the daily, local, provincial and global COVID-19 situation reports provided by WHO, Public Health Canada and provincial and municipal authorities.


It must be ensured that this risk assessment is conducted with input from local public health authorities and training facility landlords, and the necessary personnel with expertise in risk management, epidemiology and infectious disease control measures are included from the initial stage of planning.


This tool includes all factors from the general WHO risk assessment and mitigation checklist for mass gatherings as well as additional factors related to sport events and training, in order to enable organizers to determine a more accurate overall risk score.

We recognize that sports are limited to skills and drills at the moment, however, once games, tournaments and events are reinstated, this resource will provide guidance on event risk assessment and mitigation. 

Survey conducted by Abilities Centre Ottawa to determine the needs, wants and intentions of their members upon re-opening.  It includes demographics, general questions, health and safety questions, services, general programming questions, program specific questions and fitness questions.

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