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A toolkit to help Ottawa sport organizations return to play safely and responsibly

Under the stewardship of the Ottawa Sport Council, the Ottawa Return to Play Roadmap has been developed by 70 local sport organizations and the City of Ottawa to promote and enable the resumption of sport in our community.

Based on guidelines from public health officials at the community, provincial and federal levels, the Roadmap provides a selection of practical tools and resources to ensure that sport rolls out consistently and carefully, based on the best available information.

The Roadmap is a living document. Content will be added as new information and resources become available and as the COVID-19 situation develops.

Are there helpful tools available from my

sport governing body/association?  

Can we return to play?    

What do we have to be aware of when it comes to liability/risk management?

What are the health and safety

measures we need to put in place?

How do we set up our physical

environment to ensure safety for all?

Are there any tips to help guide our organizations’ adoption of more inclusive

and accessible programs?

Can we afford to return to play? Are

there strategies/financial supports for

long term sustainability?

How do we ensure our members and

the community feel safe? Are there any

communication templates available?

Are there any additional factors

we need to know? Are there tips

and resources that can help us?

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